ENC toll information at one place


  • ENC = travel without waiting, contactless and cashless

  • ENCs are portable and can be used on multiple cars in the same category (multiple license plates)

  • The ENC keeps the remaining credit for future travel (it is possible to charge and move around Croatia at will)


Group IA
motorcycles, quads
Group I
car or pick-up without a trailer up to 1.9 m high
Group II
passenger car or van over 1.9 m in height or passenger car up to 1.9 m including a single-axle trailer (wheelchair)
Group III
vehicle with two or three axles over 3500 kg
vehicle with two axles over 3500 kg, including one-axle trailer
vehicle towing a coupled vehicle above 1.9 meters, regardless of the number of axles of the trailer
Group IV
vehicle with four or more axles over 3500 kg
vehicle with two axles with a mass of over 3500 kg which is towed by two or more axle trailers
three-axle vehicles over 3500 kg which tow a trailer regardless of the number of axles of the trailer

What about a additional car carrier ? Like box, bicycles, roof rack …

If you have a vehicle with a roof rack, this is not included in the overall height of the vehicle.

Can ENC be converted between different vehicle categories?

ENC cannot be converted from one category to another. Therefore, think carefully about the category of equipment you need when purchasing. So if you drive one car with a lift you must have equipment for category II. and if you go back without it, the category 1 device => you must have 2 ENCs.

Are there any ENC toll conditions?

The prerequisite is a correctly installed toll system, a maximum speed of 20 km / h, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you (10 meters) and choosing the right toll entrance (usually on the right and green ENC marked). Experience shows that there is no need to glue the glass box, but just put it on the dashboard for passing through the toll bar (Cestarin). ! Attention! If you have a French vehicle (Renault, Citroën ) or with a heated windscreen, remove the toll box from the window when passing through. Unfortunately for these vehicles there is a problem with the windshield material and it is possible that if you do not do this you will pay twice for one section or you will not let it go.

Can I get in minus credit ?

You can only go to one transaction (one segment) to the minus. However, if the status on the box is negative, balance it within 30 days, otherwise the device will be blocked. Don’t leave the negative status of credit next summer! But don’t worry, our company will automatically notify you by email as soon as your credit drops below 10 HRK. And they will recommend you top up your credit with at least 100 HRK.

Is the ENC toll system on the vehicle’s license plate or per person?

Sales of toll equipment are not tied to the vehicle’s license plate. You can share your device with friends and family at will. Beware of the category for which the device was purchased. This category cannot be changed. In case of loss or theft, the device can be blocked and replaced with new ones.

What’s the sorting of vehicles on tolls?

To use an ENC device:

  1. Make sure the windshield is dry and temperature
  2. Without removing the protective film with the ENC backing adhesive tape, test the driver’s view by placing the windshield on the windshield, the selected location must not block the driver’s view
  3. Clean and remove all dirt. & nbsp; It is important that the surface is clean.
  4. Remove the transparent film that protects the adhesive tape of the ENC device holder
  5. the windshield onto the cleaned area and press firmly for a few seconds
  6. The bracket is mounted and ready for the ENC device itself